Consolidation of your forwarded parcels

Would you like to place several orders? We can group them together in the same box to forward your consignment.

Make purchases on several e-commerce sites in Europe or in the US and pay for one shipment only !

We offer to consolidate all your purchases in one single box allowing you to save on the shipping fees. It is always more interesting to send one heavy parcel than two light ones.

For now, this service is free for Premium subscribers. Consolidation must not exceed the largest box we can use (60cm x 60cm x 60cm) and your parcels must have been stored less than 90 days.

You will be proposed this service when asking for your shipment. You will just have to select as many parcels as wanted, our software will select the consolidation box and give you the price.

This service is available for both shipments from France and from the US.