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Do you enjoy shopping on e-commerce websites in France, Europe, or the United States, but you don’t reside there? Do you find that the shipping costs offered are too high? ColisExpat is the solution you need!


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We accept payment options via Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

Please note that PayPal offers the option to pay in four installments at no additional cost, provided that your payment method is French.

It’s thanks to the recipient reference included in your ColisExpat transit address. Example of a transit address:

In France

Michel Dupont


110bis, Avenue du Général Leclerc

Niv.1 Bat.7

93500 PANTIN


Make sure to provide the complete ColisExpat address (including the recipient reference) when placing an order on the merchant’s website. You can find it when you log in on the account summary page.

Yes, we can consolidate shipments of your parcels to reduce forwarding costs (maximum of 10 parcels per consolidation).

If you place multiple orders and wish to benefit from this service, simply notify us in your Customer Space under the ‘Your Parcels’ section. First, select all the parcels you want to consolidate and then click on the ‘Calculate my delivery fees’ button.

Please note that consolidation may not be possible for any weight or dimension. The actual weight of your parcel should not exceed 30kg, and its dimensions should remain reasonable. In general, most shipping specialists will accept a maximum dimension of 150cm and a sum of ‘Length + Width + Height’ of less than 200cm.

The weight of the box used for consolidation is added to the sum of the weights of the parcels in the consolidation for the calculation of forwarding fees.

You have the option to repack your parcels in the case of consolidation to reduce their volume. This option is only available when the Volumetric Weight rule applies. You can approve the repackaging request when paying the forwarding fees (or you can opt for automatic repackaging request in your Customer Space, under ‘My account’). We then make every effort to repackage the items in the consolidation into a smaller repackaging box.

Sealed parcels, technological products, or those labeled as ‘Fragile’ are excluded from repackaging.

In the case of successful repackaging, a discount will be calculated based on the savings achieved and will be valid for future forwardings. This discount will be equal to 50% of the difference between the shipping rates before and after repackaging. It will be valid for one year from its creation date.

We await your approval before proceeding with the forwarding of a single parcel or multiple parcels you have requested to consolidate.

If you approve your forwarding request before 7:030 AM (CET), the parcel will be forwarded on the same day if it is a business day.

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