How does it work?


By creating an account on ColisExpat, you get all the benefits of a Post Box in France or in the US. and have ANYTHING you want delivered WHEREVER you’re living in the world.

  1. Place an order on a website of your choice :
    • an international site that ships to France or the US but not in the country where you live
    • a site that delivers to your country, but you feel that its shipping costs are too high
    • one of ColisExpat partners shops for getting better promos
  2. When ordering, give to the e-merchant your French or American transit address at one of our warehouses and get delivered in France or in the US
  3. We will receive your order in our sorting center and inform you to this effect
    • We will wait for you to give us the go-ahead to forward your order to your country of residence
    • You can ask us to wait on other parcels arriving and then group them into a single consignment
  4. We give you a large choice of shipping solutions depending on your country, Economy , Track & Trace or Express delivery
  5. We take care of drawing up the customs documents if necessary
  6. Credit your account to cover the forwarding costs

So what are you waiting for? Join us now to see just how simple your customer area really is. It’s here that you can manage operations to forward your parcel(s) to anywhere in the world.