Yes, but your parcel must not exceed the weight or dimension restrictions.
Your parcel’s actual weight should not exceed 30kg.
Dimensions will be reasonable. Generally, most delivery companies will accept a maximal length of 150cm, and a sum ‘length+width+heigth’ inferior to 200cm.

WARNING: Our platform in the United States is stricter on the prohibition of certain goods that will be refused by all distributors. We will not ship packages containing aerosols, perfumes or nail polish. These rules are added to the list of banned products described in the section ‘prohibited consignments’.
It is also prohibited to ship vitamins or food supplements.
The ban on weapons and ammunition includes dummy weapons and all accessories related to weapons such as night vision goggles, magazine ammunition, paintball, swords, knives, swords … These rules are added to the list of banned products described in the section ‘prohibited consignments’.

Our service only accepts parcels (with or without tracking) and tracked letters.
Colisexpat will not receive postal mail (personal or administrative mails, delivery of SIM cards or bank cards, magazines, catalogs …)

If you are unsure whether your parcel(s) are eligible for forwarding, please do not hesitate to ask your dealer for the weight(s) and dimensions of your purchases.

With Standard delivery, we guarantee parcel shipment though our worldwide network of stations (except in the case of force majeure, and particularly war and embargo). This network, which is complemented by private operators in the main European countries, is called EPG for Europe and EMS (Universal Postal Union) for the rest of the world. Consequently, in most cases it will be postmen who deliver your parcels.

For Express delivery, we ship through different networks depending on your countru of residence.

Yes, you own the contents of any parcels which pass through our premises.

Generally speaking, ColisExpat does not open any parcels, except in cases of force majeure. We therefore guarantee complete discretion. The parcel is forwarded in its original packaging. We simply attach the forwarding address, eliminating all traces of delivery between the dealer and our premises.

However, we may be required to open a parcel which has no reference to the addressee so as to find out who the owner is or, in the case of consignments from dealers we have not entered into partnership with, if we have doubts as to the legality of the parcel’s contents.

We do not get involved in the after-sales service. You must contact the shops’ after-sales service directly.