It all boils down to the reference to the addressee included in your ColisExpat transit address. Sample transit address:

in France

Michael SMITH
110bis, Avenue du Général Leclerc
Niv.1  Bat.7
93500 PANTIN

in the US

Michael SMITH
5 South Main Street

Please be sure to provide ColisExpat’s full address (including the reference to the addressee ) when placing your order on the dealer’s website. You will find it on your account’s overview page.

We are unable to recognize who owns the parcel. In this case, we reserve the right either to refuse the package, and the parcel is then returned to the sender, or to take receipt of the parcel and open it to find out who the owner is.

If after opening the package to determine the owner, the customer is still not identified, the package will be set aside during the maximum storage period so that the customer can contact ColisExpat.

No, you must use the same name for all parcels received on your account.
In case of absence of your customer reference on the parcel, we would be unable to identify it as yours!

We make every effort to register your parcels received in our warehouses within 24 business hours.
However, some periods like Sales, Black Friday or Christmas have a slightly longer time.
COLISEXPAT commits in the worst case to register your package no later than 3 working days after receipt in our warehouses.

These transit warehouses pre-receive your parcels within 24 hours after delivery and you are notified.
Packages leave these warehouses the next day to the main platform in France where they will be stored and forwarded.
The transit time from these platforms varies from 1 to 3 business days.

When we receive a visibly oversized package meaning too big or too heavy. We prefer to refuse delivery in our warehouses.
This measure is taken because we know that this package can not be forwarded to your country.
This avoids time consuming and tedious steps to return the product to the site that sold it to you.

We are not able to advance clearance fees upon arrival at our premises. We are therefore obliged to refuse the delivery of the parcels concerned (it is essentially parcels coming from countries outside the European Union).
Only pre-cleared parcels can be received.

From their day of registration on one of our shipping platforms (France, United Kingdom and United States), the first 30 days of storage are free of charge.
From the 31st day until the 60th day, storage fees apply and amount to 0.5 € per parcel per day.
Beyond 60 days of storage, ColisExpat is entitled to dispose of parcels by returning them to the sender, by destroying them or by giving them to charities.