You can choose your delivery method from the numerous options provided. Your parcel may be delivered with Express delivery, with Standard delivery with tracking* and with Economical delivery without tracking for certain destinations and certain weights.

* Certain tracking services are interrupted once the parcel arrives in the destination territory.

After handing each parcel over to the carrier for forwarding, ColisExpat will send you a link to the distributor in your country along with your parcel tracking number.

If you have chosen Express delivery, ColisExpat will send you a tracking link on the Express Company depending on the destination.

In theory, yes! This is not a problem for European countries. For remote countries, we cannot guarantee full traceability when forwarding your parcel with Standard delivery. In certain countries in the rest of the world, postmen are not obligated to scan barcodes on parcels entering their country, so you will only be able to track them up until they leave French territory.

For Express consignments, you will benefit from complete tracking up until delivery.

It is the ratio between the weight of the parcel and the volume it takes up in a plane when being transported by air. According to distributors, it is a variable ratio which allows for air cargo to be optimized, taking aircraft storage and portage capacities into consideration.
So one kilogram of lead and one kilogram of feathers are not equal according to this concept of volumetric weight.
The former will weigh one kilogram, while the latter may be billed at a rate of several kilograms!
While Colissimo and Express shipments are affected by this, standard postal deliveries (EMS) are spared from this for the time being.
Please be aware that ColisExpat makes every effort to ensure that your grouped parcels take up the least amount of space possible so as to obtain the lowest volumetric weight.

At the time of delivery, check the condition of the package and its contents in the presence of the deliveryman or the depository and sign the delivery note only if you have entered your reservations.
Specify the type of damage suffered (breakage, tearing, deep scratches, deformation, humidity …)
Contact our customer service as soon as possible so that it can open an inquiry with the distributor.
Remember to keep your package and take pictures of the package received (closed and open) and damaged products.