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Q: Are all products eligible for forwarding to my country?

COLISEXPAT refuses any shipment of the following items and, as such, cannot be held liable:
- goods covered by national regulations on dangerous, dirty or prohibited products and generally any content contrary to the laws and regulations in force at the time of shipment, such as but not limited to: ammunition, firearms, dummy weapons and all firearms accessories, narcotics, gases, flammable, radioactive, toxic or corrosive substances and all objects which by their nature or their packaging may present a danger to the human environment, the safety of aircraft, or damage other parcels being transported,
- money and valuables, such as but not limited to: jewellery, gems, precious materials, coins, bank notes and payment orders,
- fresh non-food and non-self-refrigerated products and perishable goods,
- pornographic material,
- all products prohibited by the regulations in force in the country of delivery or by air transport regulations,
- counterfeit products,
- plants and cuttings,
- tobacco,
- vitamins and food supplements,
- glass containers (alcohol bottles, canned food...).

This information given to you is purely indicative. Under no circumstances shall ColisExpat be held liable should this information prove to be incomplete or obsolete.

Any and all parcel forwarding operations must follow the different postal regulations in force

There are different types of bans which apply to items sent by postal services. So, before using our services, you must check this matter.
Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to perform such checks and that you are entirely responsible for the contents of the parcel and the damage they may cause.

Consignments containing lithium batteries or cells are regulated

Consignments containing lithium batteries or cells are considered to be dangerous and require a specific approach. Such items can be found in most rechargeable devices ( laptop computers , cell phones , MP3 players, etc. ) and also in other non-rechargeable equipment ( watches , thermometers, etc. ). In order to ship them safely and in case of doubt, it is necessary to contact Colisexpat's customer service to find out about the possibilities and restrictions of shipping to your country of residence.

Ban on transporting aerosols and perfumes by air

For air safety reasons, there is a ban on transporting certain everyday objects such as aerosol products , perfumes nail polish and paints .

You will find a non-exhaustive list of prohibited articles and an article for each country on the site of the French Post.