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ColisExpat receives your Cdiscount purchases and forward them at your house in Switzerland.

Cdiscount, this is simply the number one e-commerce in France. CDiscount aims to make accessible to all, the best technology, equipment of the house and of the person. They are well over 100 000 products referenced in twenty categories: DVDs, video games, IT, TV, HiFi, photo, telephony, Gps / Cars, Small Appliances, Sport, Textile, Footwear, Toys ... So many bargains available to you now through ColisExpat.
You live in Geneva or Zurich, in the Valais and in Ticino, no problem: ColisExpat delivers in all 26 cantons. Whether you speak French, German or Italian, ColisExpat takes down the borders between France and the Swiss Confederation, and will deliver in Switzerland after having received orders in its warehouses in France. Then, exchange your Swiss Francs into Euros and start purchasing now on your favorite site!

Our rates are very competitive:
Save up to 60% on your shipping costs.
Group your purchases together in a single parcel to save even more.
Your property insurance is included.
I live IN SWITZERLAND and am buying books and pants on two different sites. I would like ColisExpat to forward my purchases to me in a single EXPRESS delivery shipment with a parcel weighing 2.90kg.
I will pay EUR 42,37 (including EUR 4.90 for the first parcel received, EUR 2.90 for the parcels to be grouped together and EUR 34,57 for the grouped parcel to be delivered to SWITZERLAND)
If I had asked one of my family members in France to forward me this parcel by post, it would have cost me EUR 120,49.
I live IN SWITZERLAND and I find the international shipping costs charged by French sites to be too expensive.. I am buying five small items on several sites and am making the most of the free delivery service within France. I would like ColisExpat to forward my purchases to me in a single shipment with STANDARD delivery.
I will pay EUR 25,62 (including EUR 4.90 for the first parcel received, EUR 2.90 for the parcels to be grouped together and EUR 17,82 for the parcel to be delivered)
If I had requested delivery to SUISSE on each of the five sites, I would have paid at least EUR 8 per order, and it would have cost at least EUR 40.

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Our customers’ testimonials:

Hello, I retrieved the parcel in a perfect condition.
Thanks a lot for the shipping and your care.
The groupage is a brilliant idea.
Looking forward to doing it again!
MB - Switzerland
Thank you for your prompt and clear answer. I will go to the Post office tomorrow.
The service you provide is of good standard and it is always a pleasure to deal with you.
VN - senegal

Your questions
1 – Which countries are covered?
2 – What sites can I place orders on?
3 – Which products can I buy?
4 – What types of parcels can ColisExpat deliver?

Tous les pays du monde sont couverts par ColisExpat, à
l’exception des pays en guerre et des cas de force majeure.

You can make purchases on all e-commerce sites that deliver within France, even if they are located outside of France.

Tous les produits peuvent vous être livrés, à l’exception de ceux interdits à l’importation dans votre pays et des produits à risque.

Contactez-nous par email if you require any other information.

Tous colis de 0 à 30 kgs,

dont les dimensions respectent les contraintes

Longueur + Largeur + Hauteur < 2m

Who are we?

ColisExpat – a trademark of the IMX France Group

IMX France, Groupe Français spécialisé aujourd’hui dans la livraison de colis.
Dans un secteur de la distribution postale quasi monopolisé par les postes nationales historiques, IMX a su s’imposer depuis plus de 20 ans comme un distributeur postal mondial de qualité.
Le groupe, s’est développé sur 4 segments de marché principaux : la presse, le marketing direct, le courrier de gestion et bien sûr le colis.
Doté de l’unique centre de tri international indépendant en France, IMX bénéficie d’un réseau de distribution international et d’une organisation logistique permettant d’offrir des services compétitifs et de qualité.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started!
Your Cdiscount purchases are forwarded at your house in Switzerland!