Place Des Tendances recommends so that you can receive your orders even if your country is today not in the shipping list.
By creating an account on ColisExpat, you will obtain a french transit address whereto Place Des Tendances will be able to deliver. ColisExpat will then propose the delivery of your parcel wherever you live in the World.

You can also reach the Place Des Tendances customer service by mail :

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ColisExpat receives your Place Des Tendances purchases and forward them at your house in the united States. is the e-commerce website of the famous higher-end department store group Printemps. offers the products of the most well-known fashion and beauty brands. You will find on winter/fall and spring/summer collections of brands such as Diesel, Chevignon, Chloe, Mango, Comptoir des Cotonniers and many others. will also help you do decode the latest fashion trends and will help you with your personal shopping. If is the fashion specialist, Colisexpat is the international delivery expert. If you live outside France and you wish to buy beauty and fashion goods on, we will receive them for you, we will store them, consolidate them if you wish and send your purchases to your residence with a wide and cost effective range of delivery solutions : postal, track and trace standard, express delivery...
The United States and Great Britain are definitely the leader countries for internet retailing, still you may be interested on a very specific book, some French private sales, the white elephant? But they are not shippable to America. ColisExpat, as the leader of forwarding in France can provide a french address and have anything delivered to your house from Connecticut to California, from Michigan to Louisiana. Discover the lowest rates for postal, track and trace or express deliveries to the USA and start shopping in Europe with no restraint, and remember you can import goods from Europe with no duties nor taxes up to 800 USD value.

Our rates are very competitive:
Save up to 60% on your shipping costs.
Group your purchases together in a single parcel to save even more.
Your property insurance is included.
I live IN THE UNITED STATES and am buying books and pants on two different sites. I would like ColisExpat to forward my purchases to me in a single EXPRESS delivery shipment with a parcel weighing 2.90kg.
I will pay EUR 43,62 (including EUR 4.90 for the first parcel received, EUR 2.90 for the parcels to be grouped together and EUR 35,82 for the grouped parcel to be delivered to UNITED STATES)
If I had asked one of my family members in France to forward me this parcel by post, it would have cost me EUR 139,07.
I live IN THE UNITED STATES and I find the international shipping costs charged by French sites to be too expensive.. I am buying five small items on several sites and am making the most of the free delivery service within France. I would like ColisExpat to forward my purchases to me in a single shipment with STANDARD delivery.
I will pay EUR 41,15 (including EUR 4.90 for the first parcel received, EUR 2.90 for the parcels to be grouped together and EUR 33,35 for the parcel to be delivered)
If I had requested delivery to ETATS-UNIS on each of the five sites, I would have paid at least EUR 15 per order, and it would have cost at least EUR 75.

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Our customers’ testimonials:
Hello, I retrieved the parcel in a perfect condition.
Thanks a lot for the shipping and your care.
The groupage is a brilliant idea.
Looking forward to doing it again!
NC - United States
Thank you for your prompt and clear answer. I will go to the Post office tomorrow.
The service you provide is of good standard and it is always a pleasure to deal with you.
WO - Iceland
Your questions
1 – Which countries are covered?
2 – What sites can I place orders on?
3 – Which products can I buy?
4 – What types of parcels can ColisExpat deliver?
ColisExpat covers all the countries in the world, except for war-torn countries and those affected by force majeure.
You can make purchases on all e-commerce sites that deliver within France, even if they are located outside of France.
ColisExpat can deliver any and all products to you, except for products which are subject to an import ban in your country and high-risk products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing if you require any other information.
All parcels weighing between 0 and 30kg and with dimensions which respect the length width height < 2m restriction.
Who are we?
ColisExpat – a trademark of the IMX France Group IMX France is a French group of companies which today specializes in parcel delivery. For more than 20 years now, IMX has been proving its worth as a high-quality worldwide postal distributor in a postal distribution sector which is virtually monopolized by traditional national operators. The group has expanded on four main market segments: press, direct marketing, corporate mail and, of course, parcels. With its very own independent international sorting center in France, which to date is the only one of its kind, IMX benefits from an international distribution network and a logistics organization which enable it to offer competitive and high-quality services.
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