Welcome to ColisExpat.com’s Partnership page

ColisExpat.com gives you access to buyers living in countries you don’t deliver to at present.

Residents of other countries or the French overseas departments and territories create a post office box on ColisExpat’s premises in France.

The benefits for you

A simple way to ensure you don’t lose sales from abroad or from the French overseas departments and territories

  • No investment necessary
  • No modifications to the purchase process necessary
  • No additional acquisition costs
  • No international delivery management
  • No need to manage customs problems for deliveries outside of the European Union
  • It’s also a great way of making yourself known to French expats, French speakers and Francophiles residing abroad

And you simply continue to guarantee your delivery operations in France!

The benefits for expats

  • The convenience of shopping in French
  • Access to references, heights and sizes they’re used to
  • Access to very affordable shipping costs
  • The possibility of grouping several purchases together in one consignment