Yes, we can send your packages in grouped consignments to limit the forwarding costs (with a maximum of 20 parcels per consolidation).
If you are placing several orders and would like to benefit from this service, all you have to do is inform us to this effect in the “Your parcels” section of your customer area.
You first select the packages you want to group together and then click on the button “Calculate my shipping fees”
This service is restricted to the dimensions of our biggest grouped consignment boxes (60x60x60cm) and to a weight of 30kg.
The weight of the box used for the grouping is added to the sum of the consolidated packages weights for the calculation of the forwarding costs.

We wait for your approval before forwarding a single parcel or several parcels which you have asked us to group together.
If you validate your request for forwarding before 8:30 CET, the package will be rshipped the same day if it is a business day.

You have the option to repackage your parcels in the case of a consolidation to reduce the volume. This option is only available in cases where the Volumetric Weight rule applies. You confirm the request for repackaging when paying the shipping costs.
(Vous pouvez également opter pour une demande automatique de reconditionnement dans votre espace client, rubrique “Mon compte”)
We then make every effort to repackage the items of the consolidation and result in a less bulky repackaging carton.
Sealed packages, technological products or those bearing the words ‘Fragile’ are excluded from repackaging.
In the case of an actual repackaging, a discount will be calculated based on the savings and will be valid for the future shipments. This discount will be 50% of the difference between the rates of shipping before and after repackaging.
The discount will be valid one year from its date of creation.

Yes, we offer you a compensation extension when choosing the distributor.
This extension can be added to your shipping costs and allows you to insure your items up to a value of 500€